Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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“Everyday use” by Alice Walker is a really interesting story that focuses in the changes and conflicts that people go in regards their backgrounds. The main characters of the story are mama and her two daughters, Dee who is the oldest and Maggie the youngest one. In this story one can see that there is some conflict between mama and Dee; Dee who can to attend school thanks to money that her mom along with the church help raised for her, seems to have changed her perspective about her life after living away from her family.
One day Dee Decides to visit her mom, when she arrives, and even though she had clearly said to her mom in the past that no matter where they choose to live she will always visit but she will never bring anybody home, she was accompanied by a person; she also promptly let her mom know that her name was not longer Dee; “not ‘Dee’, Wangero
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However, what she really seemed to want, was some old quilts that were made with pieces of dresses her grandma used to wear. “These are all pieces of dresses grandma used to wear. She did all this stitching by hand. Imagine!” (Walker 254) to her surprise her mom told her that she already had promised those quilts to Maggie, Dee’s younger sister, “Maggie cant appreciate these quilts!” she said “she’d probably be backward enough to put them to everyday use.” (Walker 255) this response shows that even though Wangero had changed her name and wanted to get rid of her past she will always be the old Dee, she wanted to protect those quilts and with them her heritage.
People can change their name or start a new lifestyle to ignore their past but at the end their heritage will be always part of their lives and will always be up to them to protect it or just let it
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