Change And Culture Case Study

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Change and Culture Case Study
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Change and Culture Case Study I
Middle managers occupy a significant section of the organizational hierarchy. All managing roles work together to best meet healthcare demand and organizational goals. Middle managers bridge the gap between the professional staff and clinicians and senior management. During a merger the job of middle managers is important in transitions the two organizations into one. Middle managers make sure that the staff combines to work together and help define the new culture of the combined organizations. The two cultures of the combined organizations must blend to be successful; middle managers play a key role in making this happen. Middle manager also
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Merging cultures after two independent organizations combine requires specific attention. Initially employees will emphasize the differences between organizational cultures and tend to think that their way of doing things is better than the other company (Maden, 2011). The result of misfit between two cultures of merging organization is known as culture clash. The appropriate response to this situation would be to figure out the basic concepts of culture and establish middle grounds that both organizations can agree upon. Middle managers can help relay and explain to staff the newly redefined culture of the organization and its significance. Middle managers help unify an organization because they interpret and transmit the organizational culture (Embertson, 2006). Middle managers serve as a liaison between the senior managers and employees. The use of efficient middle managers is essential in order for the culture of the two organizations to combine. Both the managers and the employees must have a clear understanding of the culture of the organization. The use of middle managers is the best way to ensure that the culture of the organization is understood, by both staff and the managers. Bringing in innovation and successfully implementing changes in an organization is made possible by the use of efficient middle managers (Embertson, 2006). Combining organizations eliminates competition. The two organizations no longer have to worry about competing with
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