Change And Culture Case Study

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Change and Culture Case Study
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Change and Culture Case Study I
Middle managers occupy a significant section of the organizational hierarchy. All managing roles work together to best meet healthcare demand and organizational goals. Middle managers bridge the gap between the professional staff and clinicians and senior management. During a merger the job of middle managers is important in transitions the two organizations into one. Middle managers make sure that the staff combines to work together and help define the new culture of the combined organizations. The two cultures of the combined organizations must blend to be successful; middle managers play a key role in making this happen. Middle manager also address the many issues of the staff of the combining organizations so they can work together to provide quality care. Changes in Organizational Culture

Each organization has a culture. The culture of an organization defines how they treat employees, patients, and the community. When two organizations combine the cultures must combine as well for the organization to be successful. Combining organizations increases the size of the organization and the services that are available. Expansion directly affects the culture of the organization. The cultures combine to reflect the newly formed organization. The culture of the organization will reflect the mission of the new organization. Larger organizations provide more services to the public and…

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