Change And Growth: Sculpture Analysis

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Change and Growth For my sculpture analysis, I went to downtown Naperville. While walking through downtown Naperville, I saw many different sculptures but the one that caught my attention was the “Change and Growth” sculpture. This sculpture was made by Jack Holme. When I first saw this sculpture, I knew I’ve never seen anything else like it. This sculpture has so many visual and design elements. Jack Holme’s sculpture is supposed to represent how the city of Naperville has changed throughout the years and I think it does a great job of showing it. The first visual element I noticed about this sculpture was the mass. This sculpture is about 10 feet tall and has an open form of mass. I think it is an open form because with this sculpture, not only can you just look at it from a distance, you can also go inside the sculpture and see that the exterior and interior of the sculpture are different.…show more content…
I think the method that was used to create this sculpture was assembling. I think this sculpture is a construction because it is made up of pieces of metal that seem to be welded together. It seems like the artist also took large pieces of metal and was able to bend and weld them to his liking in order to create the exterior of the sculpture. Then he must have took his time to carefully bend and weld the together various pieces of metal to make the different tools that are on the interior of the sculpture. This sculpture, “Change and Growth”, by Jack Homle truly does represent the change and growth that the town of Naperville has gone through. One way it does that is, by starting of as a plain, simple sculpture. Then the more time you spend looking at it and exploring it, the more you see the sculpture turn into something complex and interesting. I think it perfectly explains the town of Naperville. Naperville might have started off as a plain and simple town but over time it grew to be such a complex, and interesting
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