Change Brought About by the Women's Movement

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American women were limited from family life to workplace and

were expected to follow one path. They are a capable of anything, but they were discriminated

against male because they were thought to have no potential for working. Even though women

weren’t equal as men, the women’s movement helped lead them to equality because they wanted

equal pay for work, no discrimination and access to birth control.

From the 1800s to 1900s, women were campaigning for their equality because they

wanted to be equal and be a part of the world. In 1840, the abolitionist movement questioned

whether women should be equal or not. The American Anti-Slavery Society supported African

American in full participation in the abolitionist movement while some american rejected it

because they doesn’t want the slave to be apart of the movement.On July 1848, there was a

Seneca Falls Convention, where women demanded for their right to vote. They protested the

mistreated of women in social, economic, political, and religious life. In 1863 Susan B. Anthony

and Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized a Women’s National loyal League to support and petition

the thirteenth amendment that outlawed slavery (Strauss”. At the same years they campaign for

full citizenships for women and people of color…
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