Change Bruce Dawe

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Change can be confronting and because of this we often try to resist it. However, we need change and we must accept it, for without change we cannot grow. This confrontation of change, resistance and final acceptance of change can be seen in the texts, " Drifters", " And a good Friday was held by all" by Bruce Dawe and 10 Things I hate about you" by Gil Junger. All three of these texts examine the process of change and the attitudes towards change. These texts all share simular audiences of ambitious individuals striving for a better future. "Drifters" and " A Good Friday was held by all" both use the techniques of imagery, Diction, Metaphors, Juxtaposition, Repititition, Alliteration and Biblical Allusion to represent the concept change.…show more content…
Change is shown significantly throughout the film as towards the end of the film Kat has transformed in to a completely different person. Kat doesn’t have anymore outbursts in class; she isn’t sent to the guidance office, has less run In’s with her sister Bianca and she becomes accepted by her peers. Her transformation is the result of affection as Kat is tamed by love. At the start of the film, we first see Kat, blaring Joan Jetts “Bad Reputation” from her cars sound system. We know straight away that Kat doesn’t give a dam about her bad reputation. The film technique of sound and music is used to emphasise her personality and reputation without her In the film a medium close up of Kats face is shown when she reads her poem in class. This scene shows a completely different view of Kat than was previously presented in the film. Change is shown in this part of the film when Kat confesses her love and lets her emotions flow in tears while she reads her poem in front of the entire class. The Kat presented in the previous scenes of the film never would have allowed herself to be seen in such a vulnerable way; her previous attitude was tough, distant and more masculine. The medium close up of Kats face while she reads the poem enables us to see how her facial expressions change and her feminine side appear to allow herself to express her emotions. It seemed as though
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