Change By Maya Angelou Research Paper

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Life cannot continue without the possibility of going through change. There was a moment in my life where it all took a turn and the words of Maya Angelou spoke to me in a way that impacted the way I live each and every day, teaching me to keep moving forward. As I looked at the world with my mind filled with turmoil, high school became a greater challenge than expected, and the world had only grown darker. However, through the stress of meeting the expectations of my teachers, one showed me that even through the toughest times, laughter is all it takes to turn it all around. Time had passed, and I learned a lot by the time I finished the course, which led to my neverending desire to look at the world more closely. Rather than staying in my…show more content…
If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.” After finishing my first year of high school, my mind was left in endless loop of not knowing what to do in regards of bettering myself as a person, a daughter, a friend, and student. I disliked my appearance and the fact that I hadn’t done anything about changing my eating habits, being used by people who consider themselves my friends, and the fact that I hadn’t pushed myself harder my freshman year. When I stumbled upon this quote, I really took the time to read it and then applied it to my situation. That was when I decided to go to a thrift store and bought myself a stationary bike, said no to the junk food I used to enjoy in excess, and lost over 30 lbs. Step by step, I used the quote as the fuel for the fire I had used to light my way to good health. Entering my second year, I realized I was in a toxic friendship with who I thought was my best friend, making me believe that I was a bad person for doing something about my problems rather than giving her my time that she didn’t deserve. After meeting my, now current, boyfriend, he helped me realize that I didn’t deserve the poor treatment she gave me on a day to day basis; that was when I cut her off and I’ve been better off…show more content…
Whether they’re gathered by their faith, their interests, or simply in the workplace, there is something we all share and have the opportunity to embrace each other’s backstories. That is why I would like to travel to the Vatican City, where most people come together in celebration of the faith that we share in the Catholic community. Through further discovery of who I was and what I would strive to be, this was done at a Catholic high school where we were all asked what we think our vocation may be. I was never a devoted Catholic growing up, nor had gone to church as often as my classmates have, but what I did know is that serving others is what made me ever so fulfilled. Dare I become a doctor with the knowledge about the sacrifices that will be made and suffer the seemingly never ending debt that comes along with it? I say whatever it takes, but I will live to serve others in a way that will better the community and the world of medicine. That is how I will live out my vocation, and it would be a pleasure to connect with others with similar or different missions of different parts of the world, that being in the Vatican City. This would be an opportunity that I would never take for
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