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Change Essay All change has consequences. In Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address 1863, John F. Kennedy’s 1961 Inaugural Speech 1963 and “Forgotten Jelly” by Megan Jacobson a story from the perspective of an overweight girl who is blinded by her attitude from her friend’s battle with anorexia, both the positive and negative consequences of change are explored. The effects of change are demonstrated in many different ways, however, they all attempt to convey a central aspect of change; that all change has ramifications. As highlighted in Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, he conveys to the audience that they must put aside their differences and instead draw on the heritage that they share. His phrase “our fathers brought forth on this…show more content…
This idea is underscored in the quote “All men are created equal… those here gave their lives so that that nation may live.” Kennedy too notes that change has brought about many great endeavours as well as the “power to abolish all forms of human poverty.” He does express concern over that fact that mankind “has the power to abolish all forms of human life.” And Jacobson reflects on how the persona is now able to realise that she is not the centre of the universe, she is now able to help her friend in her darkest hour and become a better person for it. “No-one noticed me… I didn’t notice me.” This places in the spotlight the mental change she undertakes by employing repetition to highlight the fact. Change does not always come easily and can take time to accomplish. The complexity of change is emphasised by both Kennedy and Lincoln. Kennedy, whilst uniting his people behind him in a pledge for world peace explains that this change may not even happen in our lifetime. “This will not be finished in the first 100 days… The first 1000 days… Nor perhaps in our lifetime on the planet. But let us begin.” This draws his people in to him with the utilization of prepetition to illustrate the fact they can be world leaders. Lincoln conveys this message through the phrase “dedicated to the great task remaining before us” which employs high modality to illuminate that while they are

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