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Understanding and Coping with Change Understanding and Coping with Change Change can be difficult for any individual or organization and it can be seen as a threat. An individual that can plan and implement change is better prepared to effectively meet their future stated goals and can move forward in a positive movement when embracing the need for change. “Is change, changing?”(Rowland & Higgs, 2008). A company can then diagnose, plan, and implement changes to see improvements. To understand change and learning to cope with change we will use a company as example, the name of the company is Sunny Side Resort. We will diagnose the need for change and present a plan to transform the organization using Kotter’s 8-step approach.…show more content…
She should begin a series of meetings that include all of the executives of her company. She should know that if she does not have the support of her executives her key goals will not work. She needs to meet every day with the key executives for two weeks to go over every goal and make change that she has in mind. She needs to communicate to each of her executives that if they cannot support the change that she would accept their resignation immediately. It is not “well, I’ll just play along with this attempt at changing me and wait till it blows over” (Rowland & Higgs, 2008). Mrs. Sizemore should express that one of the major changes that is going to take place is that the company is going to involve the employees and empower them. It is not going to be one direction management any longer. During the diagnosis process, motivation of employees had a very low score. Employees felt they were a number and not a part of the team. Mrs. Sizemore should realize that if she is going to make her new vision become a reality that she needs to have the buy in of all of her employees and make them feel a part of the team. Each Vice President must live the vision and make sure that their employees were going to accept the change. “Leadership is about coping with change while management is about coping with complex issues” (Gleeson, 2014). If they could not accept the new vision then Mrs. Sizemore should ask for them to resign. “Leaders who see change as an ongoing process
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