Change For Women In Canada

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The face of change for women throughout Canada; Lady Aberdeen the wife of Governor general, John Hamilton-Gordon, a equalise that believed men and women deserved equal rights as both were human, got encouraged by many life experiences that led Lady Aberdeen with an understanding that women and girls should deserve an education as it not only affected their life but also the people around them and the individuals they were married to. Her tribute towards Canada made many individuals change their way of thinking towards the act of women in a political stance.“These ladies,” Lady Aberdeen stated, “were ready to go forward if they could find a president who would be outside all party politics and creed rivalries, and who would yet be sympathetic with all the different sections of thought and work with which women of various races and creeds were connected throughout the Dominion.” Someone, they hoped, like Lady Aberdeen. “I found myself elected President of a newly-formed National Council of Women of Canada,” she said.
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