Change From A Top Down Design Essay

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Day in the Life
Change originates from a top-down design. A problem is identified, discussed, glorified, and addressed in a boardroom with a few individuals. Upper management speculates on solutions, theories, personnel, and consequences. Directives are given for change to occur and, ordinarily, middle management is tasked with the job of solving the problem. Unfortunately, these individuals are in the midst of chaos themselves and, even though a best effort is given, solutions fail. I live this scenario in my job as a high school principal. State mandates are created and deadlines are established. District leaders receive information and require school leaders, such as myself, to solve the problem. Unfortunately, district personnel are not involved in the change process and, consequently, this is why the implementation of initiatives fails. Upper management has no connection to the individuals involved in the solution. Middle management tries to satisfy the demands of the directive while seeing the reality of everyday life inside of a school.
In a perfect world, district administrators would be the change agent for solutions. These individuals need to connect with teachers and become involved in the problem-solving process with building leaders. My theory of the change process will focus on four essential items I believe leaders need to empower a group in light of “uncertainty, chaos, and rapid change.” Change leaders should (a) use their knowledge of the
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