Change Happens When We See that Our Actions are Faulty Essay

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Change. The word is a simple one, nevertheless enforcing it often causes a great deal of uneasiness among the general population. So what exactly motivates people to change? Positive peer pressure is a factor, along with realizing the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Another contributing component is suffering and desire for an adjustment of some sort. Our neighborhood and environment can affect our deeds and conducts in day to day life, hopefully in a positive way. The people who surround us could have a little or drastic modifications in behavior, but cause change nonetheless. For example, if a student neglects their studies and procrastinates, but moves into a neighborhood full of intellectual, hardworking young …show more content…
The same effect would take place if you put a weak man at a job requiring hard physical labor with other able-bodied men. People would rather swim with the fishes rather than drown. After people realize their actions are faulty, they usually make an attempt to alter them. Once they see the "truth", realization occurs. For example, once Siddhartha Gautama realized that not everyone was rich and prosperous as him, and there were poor people in the world, he tried leading a simple life and tried to end suffering by creating a new religion called Buddhism. The same happened with Asoka, a powerful warrior king of ancient India, who used to fight to conquer kingdoms. One day he decided to step onto the battlefield after a war was over. What he saw scarred him for life; his eyes were filled with blood, gore, and maimed bodies. From that moment on he swore never to kill another person again to prevent evil cruelties. As Dostoevsky once said "Suffering is the sole origin of consciousness" When people are tortured or are suffering in any way they will want to stop it and will try to do whatever it takes. Humans have a key instinct for survival and obviously do not want to face pain. When cruelty has touched upon the earth, courageous leaders such as Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi stood up and let their voices be heard. Dying for their country didn't seem so bad anymore, as long as the country's outcome was changed into something
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