Change In Africa

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It is a known that Africa contains some of the poorest countries on earth. There are tons of people willing to help change that but they may not have the best approach. Bill and Melinda Gates wrote a letter addressing such problems going on in Africa today. The pair displays their views on issues such as agriculture and incorporating new technologies such as mobile banking. It seems that one of the biggest problems will be how to educated and provide these new ways of living to some of the poorest areas on earth. Bill and Melinda Gates have outstanding ideas about how to change Africa around and to raise its standard of living. In their letter they touch upon many problems people are facing. Agriculturally, they plan to teach every farmer…show more content…
Once new crops can be grown plentifully, the problem of child malnutrition can be addressed. Gates states that “malnutrition runs rampant across a continent of farmers, affecting children’s cognitive and physical development.” If one major change could be made to the way Africa is operating it should be one that changes for the children. Every improvement that should be made should be in favor of the next generation because they are the ones who will create success or not. Introducing new technologies to a country that has zero to none now is very risky. Gates states that they “will give the poor more control...and help them transform their lives.” (Gates, Bill and Melinda 17). My concern is the lack of infrastructure, Gates’ can’t just bring in tons of technology with no way to use it. In order from lives to be transformed they organization should be creating infrastructure that will allow the people to adapt to a new way of…show more content…
For example, how will the poor turn their only assets into electronic money? I feel that turing a cow to digital money would be hard for people to understand. Setting up mobile banking locations is also a concern. Some villages that Gates’ wants to help don’t have roads for hundreds of miles, for example “The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the size of Western Europe...but it has fewer than 2,000 miles of paved roads။”(Gates, Bill and Melinda 13). How will people be able to access their money if they don’t have the transportation or location to do
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