Change In Animal Farm

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In the novel, Animal farm, which takes place in a farm in England. which the farm is poor and worked by animals, George Orwell tells the story of animals taking over the farm and then turning out like humans. In the beginning they are enslaved by the human Jones on the farm called Manor Farm. Next the animals start a revolution and take over the farm and change the name. The humans come back so the animals have to fight at the battle of the cowshed. After that the pigs take over the farm and Napoleon kicks Snowball out. The pigs start to take over the farm and change the commandment of animalism. The pigs then begin to start trade with the humans. Then start in slaving the animals again. By the end of the book, the pigs changed the name of the farm…show more content…
When clover went to Benjamin to read the commandments because she herself could not read “Benjamin, as usual said that he refused to meddle in such matters” (pg.91). The fact that he “as usual” refuses to “meddle in such matters” is allowing the evil which is napoleon to take over. He does not want to be involved in the matter so he gives Napoleon no opposition to face. Also when squealer fell and broke the latter no one understood “except Benjamin, who nodded his muzzle with a knowing in the air, and seemed to understand, but would say nothing. The fact that he “would say nothing” shows that he is not telling the others keeping them from understanding the truth, and allowing again no opposition to what napoleon is doing. So without no opposition in his way napoleon took power and was able to succeed.
Next, Clovers unwillingness to act allowed for napoleon to take over. After the killing clover went to look at the wall because she was thinking that the commandment of animalism was violated but when she went there she didn’t she how anything was violated because “as it was on the wall it must have been so”. She goes with it saying it “must be so”
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