Change In Middle School

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Change is inexorable its how we grow. When people change, they develop and get knowledgeable .When elementary students are promoted to middle school they become more cultured, center on momentous conditions, and acquire an advanced perspective on life. Once students enter middle school they become more mature. Most students in elementary might have been silly or very immature, but as they enter middle school they become better developed. Some students might tend to be more diligent, conscientious, and not loiter around. Students begin to take issues earnestly and not laugh at every comment made by their peers. A student remembers being operative and reading while others laughed and played. When entering middle school maturity is something most attain which causes them to focus on more important situations. Another thing that changes is student’s ability to focus. In elementary students might have had a lack of focus, focused on the wrong issues, or not have a focus at all. While in middle school, students focus on their studies and the more…show more content…
At middle school student’s maturity and focus causes them to envisage things about life they didn't before. How students have changed gives them a new prospect on life, or even a mindset on life. Their understanding of life grows matures each day. Students see how things work due to their experience in middle school, they see so many wonderful things about life. Numerous changes occur to students in middle school and students perceive life and transform tremendously. Lou Holtz said “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it", this is how change works. The way we mature, tend to focus on important things, and get a new perspective on life is experience but how we respond is change. Change happens to middle school students it could be beneficial or horrible ,how we respond to it makes a difference in our lives and helps us
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