Change Initiative : Creating Vision

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Change Initiative: Creating Vision Health Care field is a path of continuous change particularly due to the internal and external factors that affect the organizations. That said, the members of the organization should be prepared and be trained in able to adapt with this continuously occurring changes. In order to accomplish this, an evaluation of the current forces driving change in the field health care will be done. This will give a better understanding of which factor affects the organization and what action should be practiced within the organization. The organization where the author belongs will also be discussed together with the identification if there is a need for change, proposal on how to do it, development of a vision, and…show more content…
Identify the External and Internal Forces that Drive Organizational Change in Health Care The forces that drive changes in an organization are classified as internal and external forces. Internal forces of an organization pertains to events, factors, people, systems, structures, and conditions inside the organization that are generally under the control of the company such as the mission statement, organizational culture, and style of leadership. On the other hand, external forces are those factors that occur outside of the company, which could result to a change inside the organizations and most of the time beyond the control of the company such as customers, competition, the economy, technology, political and social conditions, and resources (Hartzell, 2017). Driving Force in Health Care In the field of health care, one of the environmental forces that drive organization development is the advancement of technology. In the previous topic, it has been identified that this factor is included in the external forces. The innovation in healthcare have had a great impact in providing better care for our patient but it also affect those who provide it such as the doctor and nurses positively and negatively. For those who experience it, it
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