Change, Innovation, And Sustainability

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Change, innovation, and sustainability are common terms in the current global economy. Organizations need to keep the pace or lead the way to maintain its relevancy in the market and keep the competition at bay. Thus sustainability is the key to leading by innovation and change, to improve products and services, in order to remain at the top. Organizations achieve sustainability when they have the ability to develop, innovate, and implement changes that would lead to long term success (Froschheiser, 2014). For organizations to implement and commit to the constant change environment, or organic evolution of change, all stakeholders need to be willing and informed participants.
Organic Evolution of Change
Creating an organizational mentality of change, is the core of a sustainable organization (Christensen, 2014). Establishments’ have been faced with the necessity to transition from the traditional approach of stability, which ruled previous to the advancement in technology and globalization, or risk irrelevancy or even destruction (Freytag & Hollsen, 2010). Change is provoke by need. Leadership must identify organizational, stakeholder, and market needs to identify reasons for change (Bisoux, 2015, Mento, et al, 2002, Simonds, 2013, Todd, et al, 2014, Stanleigh, 2013, Perlman & Leppert, 2013). Identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses would ensure that the resources needed for the culture of change are available (Peck, et al, n.d.). Once leaders have align
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