Change Is A Hard Thing To Do Analysis

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Change is a very hard thing to do. Every day I wake up to people trying to change. For instances people in the world today is probably wondering how they can change somethings they did. I bet the lady cop who shot the 12-year-old boy Tamir Rice at the park would have thought twice before pulling the trigger and killing the young boy. The guy who was molesting his daughter and then decided to kill her after she got pregnant probably wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t got her pregnant. I’m sure there are people in my family that have things they wish they could go back and change. Take my mom for instance. She was doing so amazing on the gymnastics team, and then she quit just to do drugs. Another reason would be when she starts smoking cigarettes at the age 14, because now it’s hard for her to stop. If I could live my life over, there are three things I would change. I would have brought me a more updated car, I would have been more outspoken as a kid & teen, and I wouldn’t have cut my sister.
If I could live
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One day, when I was eight years old I want my sister to cut me an apple. First, I was always told to bring a knife with an apple if I wanted some to cut it. So, I asked my sister, “Can you cut me an apple?”, and her response was, “You’re going to have to wait until I’m done finishing my nails.” Next thing I knew I closed my eyes and I cut my sister on her ring finger, and middle finger. She began crying and ran to our parents’ bedroom screaming, “Mommy, mommy I bleeding.” My mommy jump up out the bed grab my sister by her risk, and ran her to the bathroom. Then my mom asked Faith, “What happened?”, “Myla cut me, because I wouldn’t cut her no apple.” The sink was filled with so much blood. I didn’t get a whooping, but she did send me to my room for the rest of the day. This could have been avoided if my sister would have just cut me an apple to begin with. I bet she cut me an apple the next I ask
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