Change Leadership Group: Transformational Improvement Process in Schools

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Generating momentum for change can be innovative or challenging. The Change Leadership Group believes the successful leadership of transformational improvement process in schools and districts require sharpening capacities in two quite different directions at the same time: 1) Leaders need to see more deeply into why it is so hard for our organizations to change, even when there is a genuine, collective desire to do so. More than just seeing why, leaders need to learn how to take action effectively to help our organizations actually become what they need and want to be. 2) Leaders need to see more deeply into why it is so hard for individuals to change, even when individuals genuinely intend to do so. Beyond this merely diagnostic…show more content…
Focused efforts are indispensable to a successful change process in any organization. Some questions that can be asked if the goal is clearly focused on the purpose: 1) Is there a clear district or school focus? 2) Is this focus widely known throughout the system? and 3) Are we able to resist certain pulls and tugs because they are peripheral to our purpose? This focus and purpose could come from the mandated testing or school improvement plan. Purpose and focus must be understood by all who will implement the improvement for the school. Compliance transforms to Engagement In schools the governing structure is hierarchical, a teacher answers to a principal and a principal answers to a Superintendent and the Superintendent answers to the state. “The culture of compliance may promote a degree of managerial efficiency, but it does not enable the kind of intellectual inquiry and engagement required for authentic and sustainable improvement (Wagner, p. 68). Engagement is creating a culture where working together to address problems is a norm at every level in the organization (Wagner,2006). Engagement asks leaders to be open to discussion and for people to share their ideas and challenges that they have in their classroom or school (Wagner). Teachers must engage in dialogue with each other as well as the leadership. In these discussions there needs to be debate, input and goals needs to be defined. The teachers need to have a sense of personal
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