Change: Leading Through Transition, Ambiguity and Uncertainty

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CHANGE: LEADING THROUGH TRANSITION, AMBIGUITY AND UNCERTAINTY There are many metaphors for change. I had been challenged one time at my church gathering to view change as a journey, from one place to another. It is easier to focus on where the journey started, and finally where it ended and forget any lessons learned while travelling. I have often heard it said, “When one door closes, another one opens”. What they don’t tell you, is that between the closed door and the open one is a long dark hallway. I think whether in an organization or in my personal life, change can feel like stumbling around in the dark. The familiar is left behind, and we venture into the unfamiliar. I believe the biggest challenge is not getting lost on this…show more content…
Many employees are still at the resistance and conditional acceptance stages of transition. Firstly, I need to personally reach a state of buy-in before attempting to win others. I can seek to re-open closed communication channels and ascertain all the benefits associated with the new modus operandi. I particularly like the idea of having “transition forums” to drive consensus, and even now believe my team needs to be more engaged around a clearly defined common goal. The MBTI assessment was an extremely useful tool in helping me to understand my inner world, assessing the way I think and behave. Dr. Robert Prescott in OB often emphasizes that we judge ourselves by our intentions, but others judge us by our behaviors. My personality type is reported as INFJ. The information provided in the assessment was a little overwhelming at first and has applications that reach well beyond the topic of change. I have learned that effectively managing change in the business world requires that I understand and manage change personally first; the MBTI is a start in that direction. I have begun to pay attention to my external behaviors, and realize that I can manage those behaviors to facilitate change. Change is often generated in business via external drivers, and to survive that change it becomes necessary to adapt my behaviors successfully to the changing environment. The
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