Change Management And Effect Of Culture On Change In Coca Cola Company

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Today workforce and the nature of work itself is changing in most organisations like as Coca Cola Company. Coca cola is a manufacturer of non-Alcoholic beverages which is known as coca cola drinks. The headquarter of coca cola is located in Atlanta, Georgia of United States of America (Coca-Cola Journey n.d.). This organisations is requires for making changes through product and strategies which based on the consumer expectations and external environment. For instance are developing new products like diet coke and coca cola zero and also change the advertising strategy. In fact, the change has creates tension and fear among people because of increased competition, increase responsibility and losing of jobs (D’ortenzio 2012). Therefore, this paper will argues the factor most affecting change management and effect of culture on change implementation in Coca Cola Company. …show more content…

Therefore, in order to survive, the organizations and their cultures must continuously evolve and change, for instance, coca cola has restructures the organization by making some change in management through removing some employees and reassignment employees. Another change is company has lunch a new product to address consumer needs of health conscious such as Diet coke and coca cola zero (World of Coca Cola). Therefore, even though coca colas culture is strong, it can be change when the company discovers or develops solutions to problems they faces through the needs of senior

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