Change Management : Business Process Re Engineering Essay

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Change management – Business Process Re-Engineering Pakn’ Save is a very good example of Business Process Re-Engineering done in ordination with Foodstuff NZ. Pak’n Save came in to form as an after effect of an outing by various Foodstuff officials to the United States. On that visit they saw operations of Cub Foods worked by SuperValu. Pak’nSave worked by Safeway, and various other general stores. Foodstuffs then replicated this configuration in the New Zealand market. The first Pak’nSave organisation was just about was just about an indistinguishable clone of Safeways’s Pak “N” Save chain in Northern California. (Wikipedia, 2013) Business Policy – Mission and Strategy Pak’n Save of New Zealand’s follows clear policy of providing lowest food prices, then why should Kiwis shop anywhere else? Further Pak’n Save loves to capitalize on being proudly New Zealand owned and operated, their patriotic feeling towards their country has increased their business. (Pak n Save, n.d.) Founded in 1985, Pak’nSave is one of the largest supermarket in New Zealand to be ever founded by local New Zealand. As of March 2013, there are 50 Pak 'nSave stores operating across the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Pak’nSave key policy is to provide everyday food and groceries at low prices which they state in their current slogan “Our Policy: NZ’s Lowest Food Prices”. Customers are also asked to pack their own bags, and charged for plastic bags in most stores. Many stores offer boxes set on

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