Change Management Essay

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Change Management Plan

No matter which type of industry is discussed – change management is an essential component in today's ever-changing business environment. To better understand this concept it should be recognized that change management is not just a task to be checked off and considered finished – instead, it is a constant process that should be undertaken with a sense of urgency, implemented swiftly, and monitored continuously to ensure a successful transformation. To illustrate the knowledge of the change management process throughout the simulation, the learner is assigned the task of providing the information necessary to build a culture in which to sustain change. Using the key concepts identified throughout the course is
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The change at CrysTel will not come without a price. Developing, implementing, operating, and marketing new technologies will require substantial capitol investment and a degree of risk-taking. It seems that after all the above conditions have been put into place that it falls on the shoulders of the Sales and Delivery department to ensure that the investments pay off in the form of financial returns – unfortunately this department is identified as one of the weakest based on the behavioral parameters of: leading by example; risk-taking; and resolving conflicts. Ironically, it was the suggestion of T.J. Smith, Vice President of Sales and Delivery, to commission an Employee Satisfaction Survey in which the above weaknesses were identified. These weaknesses of the department will need to be addressed and the employees associated with it require additional training.

Select an appropriate change model for CrysTel. Develop a plan that addresses human variables and potential resistance to change. Be sure to include contingency strategies for managing any resistance.
Resistance to change will derail even the best laid plans if not identified and dealt with in a positive, re-enforcing manner. In Organizational Behavior 6th Edition, resistance to change is defined as, "an emotional/behavioral response to real or imagined threats to an
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