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Change Management and Communication Plan Riordan Manufacturing is a formal power structure that also uses an organizational structure; the president is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In this company there needs to be improvement to the departments. There is an informal structure for management and data recording, as the employees are the recorders of the data and other information like maintenance issues. An organizational chart will be of much help at Riordan, this will help employees get motivated and help train and learn policies more quickly. This structure will also help keep the departments more organized. The resistance of the changes will make some uncomfortable, and even bring on the fears of the unknown but with the…show more content…
The employees had been recording transactions and any maintenance issues that do not assure that transactions are recorded correctly. It is important to remember that the company is responsible for setting the guidelines that their employees follow and these guidelines need to meet the needs of the customer and provide good customer service. With open communication between all departments, employee behavior should be positive. They will have departments that they work with a manager to assign and let the employees know what is expected and how he or she is performing. This should have a positive impact of their attitudes and behavior. The organizational chart will help employees to be motivated, trained, and learn policies quickly (Guzman, 2012). Using a product organizational structure will be excellent for the company because this requires that each department have a manager to handle production of that specific product. This allows managers to have the chance to get to know the employees and build a team. The manager will also be working with smaller teams so he or she will be able to determine how to motivate each employee to make them productive. In the beginning, employees may be uncomfortable with the change but this is very common when change happens, and they are accustomed to doing things another way. After they become more familiar with the structure the employees will see what an improvement this structure is and how it

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