Change Management Essay

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Change Management

Change is not something to be taken lightly. "This issue of change is one of the greatest challenges in the workplace today" (Fralix, P., 1998). One of the pitfalls of change within an organization is employees' fear of what change will bring. Will implementing new technologies destroy my job? Will I be able to keep up with the changes in my organization? These are some of the questions that bring about employee apprehension to changes in business. This very apprehension can determine the success or the failure of change within that system. Yet change is inevitable. Much like the Darwinian theory of survival, the company that can adapt with changes in emerging technologies will survive in today's society. So how
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Since change is inevitable, ongoing process, these management levers must constantly be altered also (1997).

Even though this is not an altogether accurate definition from an instructional technology standpoint, it does contain factors about change management. Most companies are concerned with aligning themselves with their marketplace. Who hasn't seen a PetSmart or a KayBee's commercial where the consumer may order his/her toys for either pet or human online. These corporations have aligned themselves to their marketplace--Ebusiness. Another factor in change management is the tools to accomplish this smooth transition. Most companies will agree that one must look at strategy, operations of the actual and the optimal systems, culture of the work environment, and incentives to those who facilitate the smooth changes. Also change is an ongoing process, so management of that change is also going to be an ongoing process. In order to prepare for change within the company, it is important to identify any destabilizing forces that bring about change.

"Change can be stimulated by three specific forces external and three specific internal forces to the organization

External Forces

Society Political/legal environment Technological developments

Internal Forces

Membership in professional associations New organizational

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