Change Management Is Important Part Of Any Company

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Change Management is a modification in an organizations practice. It is instituted to profit the company and to improve the system. From the mid-2000s, change management has developed enduring landscapes for any organizations as if it’s related to business field or health care industry. In order to be in today’s competitive market; change management is very important part of any company (Aguirre & Alpern 2014). Technology and advancements is rapidly expanding and changing working organizations’ everyday atmosphere. Due to economic changes many businesses are being obliged to merged or downsized with other companies in order to increase their financial stability. Change management stepped in when employers or employees couldn’t keep up with…show more content…
For example, Scientech a small power and energy company, needed to enhance its managerial talent and service quality to meet the challenges of growth and big-company win in competitors (Nelson & Campbell, 2011).
The major challenges that managers and leaders has faced required them to opt change management to compete in the global economy, leading a diverse workforce, inspiring positive ethics, character, and personal integrity, culture differences and work-related attitudes, and advancing and implementing technological innovation in the workplace.
The leaders take a focus that is more external, whereas, the focus of managers is more internal. Leaders have particular set competencies that are more forward thinking than managers. Leaders set a direction for organization. They motivate their employees, so that the business continues to exist and hopefully thrive in periods of change. Leaders keep the entity on course and to maneuver around obstacles that come in its way; for example, a captain commanding his ship at sea, whereas managers tend to the business at hand and make sure the staff is following proper procedures.

Origins of Change Management Theory
Kurt Lewin’s (1947) developed an organizational change model that focused on three different stages unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. Lewin’s three step change model is unique in itself. It enables and helps leader to make essential changes while minimizing the distraction and making sure the change is
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