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Managing and Maintaining Change

Change itself is the only constant for organizations that hope to have a full lifespan. While small changes occur with regularity, a wholesale transformation or quantum evolutionary leap sometimes becomes necessary. Without the full support of staff and management, such fundamental shifts are challenging, perhaps even impossible to orchestrate successfully. Part of gaining that support lies in managing change effectively. Haphazard change cannot breed confidence, but directional, managed change that follows a logical progression carries the entire organization forward.

The process outlined in John Kotter's 1996 book from Harvard Business School Press, “Leading Change,” defines an eight-step program
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How well the directors of change motivate the rest of the organization using a firm understanding of human nature.

How changes are implemented – the logistics behind the transformation.

These four cornerstones shape the eight-phase plan for managing transformational change.

Phase 1: Defining the Urgent Need for Change

Successful change management depends on ensuring that everyone in the organization understands the need for a major change. The principle of inertia influences organizations as much as it governs physics; maintaining a constant direction feels simpler, so you must communicate sufficient urgency to overcome that inertia. The more cogently you present the case for making dramatic changes, the greater the likelihood that your staff will support them. Researchers of change management strategies estimate that three-quarters of your managerial staff must embrace the need for a transformation to make that change take place.

Creating urgency about changes builds support for the shift. Make this sense of mounting urgency for transformation the banner around which your organization rallies. Jack Welch, the chair of General Electric throughout the 1980s, honed his skill at developing urgency to a keen edge. His management techniques allowed him to restructure the company dramatically throughout the decade, and although he was a polarizing figure for his methods, he created a model for success that transmogrified a staid behemoth of a

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