Essay about Change Management Plan

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Change Management Plan Life in the 21st century is all about change. People face change in some fashion in their personal and professional lives almost on a daily basis. How successful they are in both our personal and professional lives depend a great deal on how easily they can adapt to these changes. Organizations are also susceptible to frequent and oftentimes rapid changes. CrysTel, a telecommunications company, is just such an organization. CrysTel faces both technological and administrative changes regularly due to the telecommunication industry’s rapid and frequent advances. CrysTel employs 2,500 employees and offer products such as data cables, wireless solutions, and network development. (Apollo Group Inc, 2004) Successfully…show more content…
The Chinese general, Sun Tzu, during 500 B.C. advised that “we are not fit to lead an army on the march unless we are familiar with the face of the country...” (Giles, 2002, p. 89) This advise apparently applies to CrysTel’s situation and like Sun Tzu, the top executives at CrysTel are learning all the possibly can about their organization before attempting to lead change. Through an employee satisfaction survey and climate survey the CrysTel consultant was able to determine where the strongest and weakest areas of the organization were allowing the organization to concentrate on the weakest areas of the organization. The goal of the top executives is to address the weakest areas of the organization in an effort to strengthen those areas in order to insure that all areas of the organization have the necessary skills and tools to make the necessary changes required. By strengthening the weakest areas CrysTel is ensuring that the organization is better able to sustain change. As with any organization contemplating change CrysTel must not only consider what changes are necessary, they must also consider the effect these changes will have on the organizational culture or what effect the organizational culture will have on the changes. The change model that would best suit CrysTel’s needs is the Systems Model of Change. This systems approach “is based on the notion that any change, no
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