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Running head: CHANGE MANAGEMENT PLAN Change Management Plan Paper University of Phoenix Change Management Plan Paper This paper will discuss CrysTel a telecommunication company that has come to the realization that they need to develop a corporate culture that can support constant change. The first topic reviewed will be the Implications of Organizational Change and associated impact on employee behavior. The next topic the paper will discuss is the proposed change model and the potential impact that human variables and resistance to change will have on the process. The paper will review CrysTel will address employee reaction to the change specifically resistance to the change. The third topic, Measures to Monitor Progress will…show more content…
Human Variables of Change Implementation Based on the results of the Employee Survey, Climate Survey combined with the input of the CrysTel executive team the decision is to implement a Plan Do-Check-Act (PDCA) change model. "Though there are no specific rules associated with the model, it does focus on a never ending cycle of transformation just as organizations or groups have cycles of growth, stagnation and productivity. This cycle of transformation is an iterative process that requires planning, testing, checking and acting on a continuous basis that propel an organization or group" Rothwell& Sullivan & McLean, (1995). It is specifically the fact that of the PDCA model of no set rules and the never-ending change cycle that make this model best candidate for creating the new change culture for CrysTel. By the process being fluid CrysTel will be able to tailor the model to address the needs of each department. The company will spend the first part of the process developing the processes to identify and address variables and the inevitable resistance to change. To successfully manage resistance to change CrysTel will first need to identify resistance which as cited in Atkinson, P. (2005) "The nature of resistance is that, generally speaking, we do not experience it actively and publicly. Its presence is often displayed covertly, even passively." Once

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