Change Management: Structure and Culture in Organizational Change

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Robert Graham Student I.D GRA13375116 University of Lincoln BSc (Hons) Engineering Management ENMMANUB Management of Change ENM3005 Tutor Andrew Brookes Word count Structure and Culture in Organizational Change Change Management Name Professor Institution Course Date Change Management Introduction & Background The main objective of this essay is to offer critical evaluation of the processes surrounding change management in relation to personal professional background. This focuses on the evaluation of the theoretical concepts and application of examples with reference to the professional encounter. I serve as the Contract manager for Serco Middle East, deployed in Saudi Arabia currently. Prior to this position, I was Engineering Director of First Glow between 2005 and 2010. The focus of this research paper shall entail cross-references in relation to experiences of major areas of employment, theoretical concepts, and academic understanding in the description of change management processes. Organization Change The main objective of organisational change is to ensure smooth and successful transformation or integration of change within the organization. According to Burke (2010), it must ensure achievement of the benefits in relation to change. Technology and social media play great role in enhancing accessibility to information thus increase in the need for change in the context of various business entities across the ever-changing globe. There are many
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