Essay about Change Management - The People Side of Change

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How employees within an organization can attempt to resist and block change without displaying overt opposition?

We live in a turbulent world were every day the rising sun brings in new inventions and discoveries. The world has gone global and no place is big or small today. Technology is growing at an alarming pace and things are changing at the blink of the eye. Your new mobile model turns old the another day. That’s the speed of change. That’s the story of competition, Survival of the fittest. Everyday we see newer and newer models of cars, mobiles, laptops, other electronics gadgets, in the market.
What is all this? This is change. Today in the 21st century the speed of change is in the top gear. Nowadays we see
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Organisation have to be adaptable to chance rather than being rigid and stiff. Nothing is constant in today’s enviroment, the gainers can become the losers and losers can become the gainers. It’s matter of how adaptable are the companies to the changing phenomena.
Although change management has become a common style of management nowadays the success of Change management is not that enormous. Many cases are seen of the failure of well organized change management. What is the reason behind the failure of change management? Companies are overlooking the human element in change. People are the biggest asset of any organization overlooking them can result in repenting latter. Managers when queried about the reason of failure the common words that were heard were , “ I must have explained the goal properly to the employees”, “ I must have involved more people”, “ I should have spend time with more people”, “ I should have paid attention to the signals of employees”….. More and more companies have realized the importance of human side of change and are constantly working on it.
Analyzing human beings

Soul and ego Human beings are rational beings, the most complex of organisms, and analyzing humans is a tough job. To study the human Dynamics it becomes crucial to understand the two important factors in human’s being the “ego” and the

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