Change Management - Theories of Changes

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Organizational change is usually triggered by relevant environment shift, either internal or external, that sensed by companies and leads to intentionally generated response (French, Bell & Zawacki, 2006). This paper will discuss several organization development models..

Theories of Change

In order to survive and prosper in a rapid changing environment of business world, organization is often required to generate fast response to changes (French, Bell & Zawacki, 2005). Change management means to plan, initiate, realize, control, and finally stabilize change processes on both, corporate and personal level. Change may cover such diverse problems as for example strategic direction or personal development programs for staffs. In this
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The first lesson is that the change process goes through a series of phases that are long and considerable amount of time. The second lesson is that any mistakes that occur in any phases can have a adverse impact on the momentum of the change process (Mento, Jones & Dirndorfer, 2002).

Concerned Based Adoption Model (CBAM)

CBAM is considered a widely applied theory and methodology for studying the change process of educational change (Anderson, 1997). CBAM is developed under the assumptions that (1) change is not an event but is a process; (2) change is carried out by individuals; (3) change is a highly personal experience; (4) changes involves in both developmental growth of feeling and skills; (5) change can be facilitated by interventions directed toward individuals. (Anderson). There are sever stages of concerns that describe the feeling and motivations of individual might have about the change (Anderson).

* Stage 0, awareness - at this stage, individuals have little knowledge about or interested in the change

* Stage 1, Informational - at this stage, individuals like to know more or interested in the innovation and implication of change implementation

*Stage 2, Personal - at this stage, individuals reflect strong anxieties about the change and how the change will affect them
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