Change Management and Communication Plan Essay

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Running head: CHANGE MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION PLAN Change Management and Communication Plan Organizational Development MGT/311 January 11, 2012 Change Management and Communication Plan Riordan Manufacturing has decided to implement a formal customer management system, which will be used company wide. Our job as consultants is to assist Riordan in planning and implementing the change so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Current Formal and Informal Structure Riordan Manufacturing functions with a bureaucratic structure and a system based on formal power. According to the organizational charts, the organization is departmentalized into functional areas based on the scope of work. The organization also breaks down…show more content…
Such hidden agendas, although uncommon, are known to occur in organizations, which are operated by individuals with their own plans of operation. Indentify Appropriate Organizational Structure to Implement Change For manufacturing companies like Riordan, bureaucratic systems work because they are functional and effective. To implement this change, the communication must be delivered in waves starting from the chief executive officer to VP’s, Directors, and Management. Once the Organization has gained buy-in power from its leadership, leadership can deliver an informal announcement and explanation, and answer any possible questions or objections. Shortly after, a formal announcement may be delivered from the executive team. Potential Effects of Structure on Employee Behavior The structure allows employees to have a clear chain of command, structure, and organization. This system is only successful when superior leaders and managers are in place. According to the employee surveys, employees believe that the management teams hold his or her best interests and genuinely care about his or her employees. They did however think that sometimes there may be a lack of communication. Because this change is company-wide and employees will be affected, it is important that managers and leadership communicate openly and clearly with each team member so that there are no misunderstandings and employees believe that they will be
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