Change Management and Communication Plan

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Change Management and Communication Plan
October 16, 2013
Change Management and Communication Plan
Section I: Change Management Plan
Identify the current formal and informal power structures in the organization. How might the power and political structure of the organization affect employee behavior?
The organization structure of Riordan Manufacturing consists of the executive which are the President, and the Executive Assistant, Senior Vice President of Research and Development and the Chief Operating Officer. The Senior Vice President of Research and Development oversees the Manager of Product Development and Manager of Research which manager the research and development department. The Vice President of Sales
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Some studies report the difference at 200% or more. To achieve results like this for your organization, you have to figure out what your culture is, decide what it should be, and move everyone toward the desired culture. Company cultures evolve and they change over time. As employee leave the company and replacements are hired the company culture will change. If it is a strong culture, it may not change much. However, since each new employee brings their own values and practices to the group the culture will change, at least a little.
Riordan Manufacturing incorporates the primary characteristics of an organizational culture. Riordan Manufacturing began business in 1992. It has grown into a three location organization. Reviewing financial reports for the last three years, it is both financial efficient and allocates funds to research and development, which aids in keeping a competitive edge. This evidence of stability is also supported by the benefits is offers to employees. Some to the benefits available to employees include 401(k) Saving Plan, Educational Financial Assistance and Flexible Spending Accounts. Offering competitive wages along with these benefits promotes stability in the organization. Riordan Manufacturing encourages innovation by offering employee suggestion program and use an HRIS system to monitor employees’ information. The process of inventory and production are good examples of the organization of paying attention to
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