Change Management and Hris

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In this case we would like to discuss the process of implementing a new HRIS system in the organization, and the possible areas of issues caused by this change and the alternative ways to increase the success of the implementation process. 1. Evaluation of the situation.
First of all, Julia Woodland was on the right track. She wanted to make significant changes. The steps she has taken show her experience and professionalism how to fix the mess in the HR department. Julia has divided the issues into two categories: immediate and long-term. The outsourcing of the recruitment at that point of time is a good idea. It allows getting the job done by outside party while implementing the changes inside of organization. She has concentrated
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Obviously, the staff does not like it. On the contrary, Julia assumed that everyone would be excited about the new system, but she never talked to anybody about their perception of change except the CEO. This has caused a lot of problems for her. She has developed a strategy of her new vision of the HRIS. However, she did not spend time to check the resources and systems available in the company. Furthermore, the organization’s cultural profile was not ready for the change. The employees were not familiar with the new system and its benefits. At this point it causes more problems and additional work to them. Nobody has an idea why the extra work should be done and what future benefits are. Thus, the culture has one direction, Julia’s strategy goes another way, and company’s resources and systems take the third road. Julia should have taken these elements into consideration, because their alignment determines the success of the change. What is more, Julia did not pay attention to the variety of generations involved in the change. The cultural concerns are different within different age groups. The younger generation feels more comfortable with new technology, the older people may be less in favor of those changes. Those issues should be taken into consideration and addressed when putting new HRIS into practice. 5. Communication plan for the implementation.
Obviously, Julia has overlooked the

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