Change Management and Organizational Development

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Change Management and Organizational Development C. Samuel, Lecturer in Business Administration, C.S.I. Jayaraj Annapackiam College, Nallur, Tirunelveli District. 627 853. Introduction For effective survival in the industry, adaptability is an essential component for every organization. Every organization should change according to the external environment and influences. In adaptable organizations, employees are given more freedom in decision-making process. The management also sets broad goals and objectives. Learning is a continual process in adaptable organizations. Change in general refers that an act of making something innovative. Organizations have learnt that change is ultimately a necessary component to survive in business.…show more content…
2 Thus, by his imagination and a quest for innovation Henry Ford made many changes in his company apart from certain resistances. Therefore for every organization’s development there is a main concept behind it, that is change. There are many approaches to manage organizational change. One of the most popular models of change management is Action Research which is discussed below. Action Research According to Stephen P. Robbins, Action Research is “a change process based on the systematic collection of data and then selection of a change action based on the data indicates in the analysis.” Action Research is a five step process which includes, 1. Diagnosis – Here, the change agents tries to determine the causes for the organization’s problems. Information is collected by taking interview among the employees or searching the organizational records or by listening to employee concerns to diagnose the nature of the problem. 2. Analysis – In this stage, the change agents analyzes the data collected in the previous stage. Through this, the change agent is able to identify different kinds of problems. The change agent observes the similarities and differences between the problems. Then the information is classified into three categories – the primary concerns, the problem areas and the possible resolving actions. 3. Feedback – As the feedback results form an important part in
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