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CHANGE MANAGEMENT OF HUA WEI BY: Name: Wang Senlong (Bluce) ID: Class: Lecture: Mr. Josef Part-I The definition of change management Part-II The consideration of change management Part-III Introduction of HUA WEI The history (problems) of HUA WEI --Two “collective resignation” in Huawei history --Performance-related pay --Employee training and development Three main steps during Huawei development -- Self-optimization -- The introduction copy -- Innovation and development Part-IV Conclusion Part-V References Part-I The definition of change management Change management is the approach to transitioning individuals, groups, and organizations from the current state to the…show more content…
But they should face the high-risk and high-tech telecommunication industry. At that time, the market was hold by international company, and the resources were occupied by the national company. We can say they have nothing but the brain only. Huawei faced a common problem that almost every Chinese company has: the official only can be motivated; the wages only can be higher, when they were been done away or demoted, and that means failure. In 1995, Huawei got in a high developing stage. But by the company’s developed, the company management cannot match with the company’s high developing, the low level of company management shows up, it hide the company’s development. --Two “collective resignation” in Huawei history The first time “collective resignation” occurred in January 1996, involving marketing departments. All marketing chief cadres must submit two reports: one is debriefing report, other one is resignation report. And then they will make competition for the respondent. Finally, the company will based on their performance, potential for development and enterprise development needs to approve the report. By that way, about 30% percent of the cadres of marketing department replaced include the behalf president of the marketing department. The second time was in the year of 2000, Huawei introduced <<regulations on internal

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