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The famous Heraclitus once said, “The only thing constant is change.” Many of us do not like change due to the uncomfortable feeling of the unknown, we enjoy our routines, or lack of confidence in ourselves. Change is an inevitable force, and affects all people, creatures and things. Organizational development is one miniscule aspect of social, corporate change that I find quite fascinating. I never knew what it was founded upon. After reading Burnes and Cooke’s article on “The past, present, and future of organizational development: Taking the long view,” I learned that organizational development has such a variety of components to it, and didn’t realize the complexity that lied within the topic. There are so many layers that we must get…show more content…
The facilitator and leadership of the company should have worked together to come up with the topic of the political dynamics of the company to be discussed within the training groups to make the training more effective for both the company and its workers. Through the criticisms, OD was still evolving. One of the core components of OD that caught my attention was the topic of group dynamics or participative management (Benis et al., 1969; Greiner and Cummings, 2004; Marrow, 1969). In order for any changes to be effective, leadership and management have to set positive examples for these changes. Lewin believed that participative management could be effective in changing group behavior (Burnes, 2007, 2011d; Lewin, 1943a, 1943b). I agree with that theory as people like to see their leaders adapt to the changes and it makes them more receptive to change also. The reading also discusses that participative management increases group co-operation, performance and commitment, and reduces resistance to change (Bennis et al., 1969; Cartright and Zander, 1953; Marrow et al., 1967). I believe that there’s some sort of psychological state where subordinates strive to be like their leaders or people around them. An example of this is my director. He is the most positive human being I have ever known and it transcends throughout our team. When
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