Change Of Attitude For Environment Over Time

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Change of Attitude for Environment over Time Arun KC Thesis: For the conservation of the environment and get rid of pollution don’t wait for others to start, start on your own just by trashing a piece of paper on the right place for today so you will develop a habit. Audience: My essay will be focused to those groups of society who thinks conservation of the environment is just the waste of time, money, and energy. And those who think they will live today why to worry about what happen tomorrow. I will also be focusing to those who think that in this big world with the population more than 7 billion effort of conserving the environment by of one person will be like a drop of water in hot desert. Purpose: Giving my personal experience…show more content…
I was born and raised in country side of Nepal. It is amazing village beneath the hills. The weather is very pleasant and cool stream water runs down the hill. The temperature is mild not so hot in summer and not freezing winter. There is forest near by my village where one can find the different kind of flora and fauna. It is a really beautiful country where one can find the modern facility within the reach and in affordable budget. In this village, I spent my childhood playing, jumping, and so many other activities that in present context aren’t good and parents also will not let their kids do so. Today, I would present the information how my attitude changes with time. I could hardly remember my age but I remember mostly all of the mischief that I did. Probably that might be at the beginning of my teen age. I remembered how I used to throw litter and was so unmanageable. Being at my teen age and high school days, I was a little arrogant and didn’t care about anything either its right or wrong. Being self-centered I was concerned only about myself and my friends. We used to buy candy and throw its cover where ever without any concern. Playing with papers was normal. There used to be a dustbin to manage all that garbage in each class but the dust would be on the floor in and outside of the class. We didn’t care about that, instead of throwing garbage and managing them in right place, we used to throw wherever we like. I used to do whatever activities were
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