Change Of Perspective On Single Parent Mother

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Change of Perspective on Single-parent Mother
Society has a different perspective over various aspects that determine society and to change that perspective means to provide something new and beneficial towards it. Socialization and equality has changed the perspective of single-parent mother from what it was within couple of years back from now. Single-mother used to be viewed from different perspectives, and were thought to be the burden for the whole society, whereas now, single-mother is known as independent and a capable citizen of a society. Not only equality but the strong persistence and commitment of the mother, to raise her child against the will of the society, has been the huge boost for this change. Socialization and increase in population of single-mother parent has positively changed the thinking of society where, once suppressed and portrayed as dependent on men, are now an independent individual giving hope to their society.
Reviewing throughout the history of our society it would not be harsh to say that single-parent mother were considered to be a weak and dependent part of the society. Along time, situations have been changed but the time where the society was male-dominated was not that far. No matter what, women were suppressed under men under different circumstances. Men were viewed to be the soul of the family, providing necessary things as well as protecting them. There was a certain belief among people that for a family to run effectively, there
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