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Change Paper Bedside Shift Report University of South Carolina - Upstate Bedside Shift Report Miscommunication and missed information, resulting in potential errors, have been on the rise at Pelham Medical Center. In the past, the primary nursing staff was giving verbal report to oncoming nurses at the nursing stations. There are many disadvantages to this practice. Verbal report at the nursing station is distracting with so many nurses talking at the same time and is frequently interrupted by other staff, call bells, and family members. There are also potential HIPPA violations when reporting on patients within earshot of other people who are not involved in that patient’s care. The patients and their family members or care…show more content…
Patients also report feeling safer with two nurses at the bedside during change of shift. The added engagement, in turn, improves patient satisfaction overall (Gregory, et al., 2014). In further research, another advantage to this best practice is the increased socialization amongst nurses. They are able to share stories, experiences, and offer emotional support to one another. They are able to interact and ask questions to clarify the plan of care. This seems to be especially helpful to new nurses. They have the ability to trouble shoot with oncoming shift and gain further knowledge from their more experienced counterparts (Gregory, et al., 2014). Evidence also supports that bedside shift reporting is financially beneficial for staff nurses and nursing management. The average report time is significantly decreased from an average of 45 minutes to 29 minutes (Gregory, et al., 2014). This reduces overtime and saves hospitals money. Nurses’ satisfaction is improved because they get to end their shift on time. They get to proceed with shift report more quickly, with fewer distractions and in real time (when compared with writing or recording report). Increase in nursing satisfaction reduces turn over and, once again, saves hospitals money (Gregory, et al., 2014). In order to successfully implement this change at Pelham Medical Center, several key professions needed be involved. The staff nurses need to actively participate in bedside shift report.

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