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The Change Pro Simulation - Participant Manual


WELCOME! Diving into the Simulation…

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The Mission

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Tactics, Networks and Tools

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The Change Pro Navigation Map

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Description of Tactics

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Tactics categorized

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About the Change Pro Simulation

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1. WELCOME! Diving into the Simulation…

You have been selected to be part of a small team of internal consultants sent by Head Office into a major division of our organization to help them implement Six Sigma, the latest major change initiative the Executive Committee just
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Implement the tactic:
Click on the green “Do it ! ” button at the bottom right of the simulation screen.

An immediate feedback will be available in the multi-display panel located at the bottom center of the screen and personal impacts will be displayed in the progress bar of the relevant top manager(s).
Note: When the feedback length exceeds the size of the feedback box, “scroll” buttons located to the right of the multi-display panel are shown to allow you to scroll up and down.

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3. Tactics, Networks and Tools (Con’t)
(b) Networks
The NETWORKS button in the right navigation panel provides access to information on the formal and informal networks operating within the company. As in real life, obtaining this type of information consumes some time.
Details of each network are displayed once you activate this particular view. To show all the networks you know of, click on the display panel NETWORKS, then select your network of interest and review its details on the main screen (members of the same network are displayed in the same particular color).
Once a network is selected, it will remain highlighted until it is de-selected or until a tactic has been selected and implemented.

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3. Tactics, Networks and Tools (Con’t)
(c) Tools
By clicking
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