Change, Regulation, And Boundaries

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Change, Regulation, and Boundaries
Life throws many curveballs. Whether it is good or bad it creates changes throughout an individual’s lifetime. For example, the change of getting a promotion at work. There are two main perspectives to getting a promotion. The first perspective, if viewed positively is receiving a higher title, better pay, and more benefits which an individual will be more than happy to accept the change. The second perspective, if viewed negatively is having greater responsibility, working more hours, and dealing with more people which will most likely slow down the individual’s ability to manage the change. Regardless of the kind of change an individual goes through it is up to them to manage it effectively and positively. When life has changes it also needs regulation and setting boundaries in order to manage change effectively. While it is up to the individual, it is important to find the best ways to manage change, promote good regulation, and create positive boundaries.
Before I enter my future profession as an Accountant I will be going through life with many changes, following regulation, and creating boundaries for myself. Adapting to all these changes, regulations, and boundaries will not be easy. It will be my responsibility to find positive ways to manage these objectives to best fit my character. My first opinion on the best ways to manage change is to stay positive, be patient, have support, and learning to let go. My second opinion on the…
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