Change: The Seed of Evolution

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The moment when an answer to a question from three weeks ago is suddenly realized is known as an epiphany--a sudden understanding of the nature to an idea or quandary, usually attained through something simple and, sometimes, unassociated (“Epiphany”). Authors often use this device not only to convey a realization on the part of their character, but also to allude to an internal message (“Epiphany”). James Joyce employed this device in many of his works in hopes of revealing to his Irish peers the low esteem of their conduct (Bulson 33). James Joyce was born in Ireland to a borderline destitute/middle-class family. After his graduation from the University College, he moved to Paris to study medicine only to be called back to Dublin to…show more content…
While listening to the flirtatious girl at the bazaar, the narrator realizes in his epiphany that both his embellished feelings and his pursuit of Mangan’s sister are absurd (Bowen 107). “The boy realizes that Mangan’s sister will most likely fail to add meaning to his life, as his desire for her was only a desire for change” (Doan 2).The narrator’s realization that his affection for Mangan’s sister is false reflects the death of hope and faith of his Dublin society (Doan 2). “Eveline” depicts the conflict of a young girl who must decide to remove herself from the tired Dublin life with an abusive father or to stay, never having the chance of a new life (Doan 2). Joyce sets up Eveline’s epiphany through her thoughts concerning a life with Frank. As she is not happy with her life at home, she views Frank as an escape from reality, but she also worries that, because she does not love him, he will only lead to further despair (Richard). Prompted by the sound of an organ, Eveline recalls the promise to maintain the household, which she made to her dying mother (Doan 3). While on the dock, preparing to leave, Eveline reaches her epiphany that she cannot escape the promise to her mother and her life of servitude (Doan 3). She says that she is not happy at her home, but she does not take the opportunity to leave because she is too scared of change.
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