Change Within Organizations, A Necessary Process For Its Growth

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Change within organizations is a necessary process for its growth. According to Van de Ven & Sun (2011), it is very important for any change being made to be consistent with the organization’s long-term goals. Misalignment of the firm’s goals with the proposed change will cause breakdowns and gaps in the process. ABS Corporation is currently undergoing an organizational change, on how services are being offered and delivered to the client. The firm is moving from a holistic model, to a variable model, allowing the implementation team to customize each service to the needs of the client. This model will also allow the implementation team to design services according to the client’s price. The model is designed to increase efficiency and productivity throughout the organization, especially within the sales and the implementation department. The below proposal will identify the strategy to be used in implementing the change; the steps required to ensure that the firm’s deliverables are met and finally an action plan to mitigate outcomes from barriers that will be encountered.
Strategy: Lewin Change Management Tool
Kurt Lewin introduced his three steps to change management: unfreeze, change and refreeze. Prior to starting the change process, it is important to understand the reason why change must occur. Paun (2014), state that management must understand the assumptions as well as the prejudices that come along with organizational change. The first step in this…
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