Change: an Analysis of the Silence of the Lambs

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Change: An Analysis of The Silence of the Lambs Stacy Cooper HUM/150 May 28, 2012 Victor Armenta University of Phoenix Change: An Analysis of The Silence of the Lambs The Silence of the Lambs (1991) is a film based on the novel by Thomas Harris, directed by Jonathan Demme. This film is a psychological crime-drama-thriller. Each of the main characters in this film share, in their own ways, a desire for change. The purpose of this paper is to analyze three main character’s roles in the film, and their wish for transformation. Clarice Starling is an FBI academy cadet; Dr. Hannibal Lecter, is a psychiatrist-cannibal serial killer; and Jame Gumb (a.k.a. “Buffalo Bill”) is a tailor-serial killer of women. One other symbol of change in…show more content…
There is another scene in which she is jogging with her female classmate and a group of men pass by them. They give them egotistical looks and shake their heads in disapproval as they go by. Each of these scenes depicts Starling as small and insignificant compared to the other academy trainees. In another scene, Clarice is visiting Lecter for the first time. She is greeted by Dr. Frederick Chilton, who does not take Clarice seriously, telling her that he doesn’t remember a more attractive detective visiting their facility. He makes a pass at her, but she lets him down quite swiftly, telling him that her assignment was to talk to Dr. Lecter and report back to FBI headquarters that afternoon. As they are making the journey to Lecter’s cell, Chilton makes another degrading comment about Starling. He says that Crawford is clever in using a “pretty, young woman to turn him (Lecter) on”. He goes on to tell Starling that he does not think Lecter has seen a woman in eight years and that she is his taste, so to speak (I am sure the pun is intended). Starling rebuts with the fact that she graduated from UVA and that it was not a charm school. This shows her need to defend her femininity with solid credentials; to prove that she is not just a weak female that will succumb to offensive comments. Clarice is successful at this attempt at transforming her life. She gets the bad guy in the end and graduates from the FBI academy. She has proven to herself and everyone else that

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