Change and Case Study 1

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You are a middle manager in a healthcare organization that has merged with a previous competitor. Up until now, employees saw the competition as an enemy that provided a poor quality of care. The new corporation, however, has in place several inpatient and outpatient services that your organization does not. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you address the following: What affect will the sale have on the culture of the new combined organization? As a middle manager, what might you do to ensure that the combined staff will work together to provide quality care without taking on the competitive stance? Describe what the organization will look like in terms of systems and shape. Use the reading to provide a theoretical framework…show more content…
A lot of times, company merge to become more competitive . The consolidation of these May seem difficult because the culture change. Normally the two entities function differently by way of operation, closing the knowledge gap is very important. When information is shared between the two companies it makes the whole organization better. Utilizing programs to show how effectively the company is operating can help show areas of concern. These can be accessed and addressed in a timely fashion . Because each side would like for the company to thrive, they work together . During this merger roles of the employees / department should be clearly defined . As with anything the lack if knowledge or understanding is what cause failure. As I have started before knowing when employees are aware of their roles and how to do them effectively thing run much more smoothly and are done to standard. (work by rote) .when the employee fails to understand the organization Does as well . While it s the employees job to stay well informed it is also up to management that these things be made clear. During a merger the by learning different ways of comp,eying task employees learn and management s able to vine up with new techniques. Because new services to the organization sale would probably prove to be a great one. Even though the company was once viewed as a enemy programs , team building excersices should be
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