Change and Continuity Essay about Kenya

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During the time period 1850-1914, even though Britain imperializing, Kenya was, in turn, very beneficial for the inhabitants of Kenya. However, the direct rule of Britain put Kenya through a massive transition from being independent to being colonial dominant, in which the natives of Kenya had lesser rights than did before and were treated inhumanely. Before being imperialized, Kenya was already divided into forty-two tribes. The two main kinfolks to be known are the Masai and the Kikuyu. These tribes helped in making the country's diversity, rich culture and heritage. Nonetheless, Kenya didn’t have much global contact; however, they did trade with the Arab merchants but kept it limited because they wanted to preserve their traditional…show more content…
Although the Kenyans were the native people of their country, however, they went through a lot of insolence and maltreatment by the whites. The attitudes of the British can be fairly described in the secondary source, “The East African Slave Trade”, in which the picture on the right depicts how even after the slaves were freed in America in 1865, however, many African Americans continued to work on the tobacco and cotton plantations where they had formerly worked as slaves. This type of behavior and arrogance to the black people overall, was replicated in the continued use of a black women or man in the picture on the British tobacco package until about the 1960s. The Africans had to go through a lot they were given low wages to work long shifts with horrible conditions, while the whites “(invasive species)” were having a time of leisure. It can be said or concluded that Britain made the Kenyans seem to be the strangers of their own country. Another evidence of the lessening of the Africans rights can be seen in this statement which was initiated in a book called “imperial societies” by an African women who was being exposed to prostitution, “They knew that the house belonged to a women who never had a husband, so they knew it was safe to come because the owner had no
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