Change and Culture Case Study 1

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Change and Culture Case Study I
Paul Sullivan
August 15, 2011
Kendra Slatton

Change and Culture Case Study I
The job of a middle manager is not easy, especially during times of extreme change. It requires balancing and maintaining varying personnel within the organization including upper management and a subordinate workforce. An option for many who successfully have not influenced the direction of an organization is to leave the company. However, according to Covey (2004), “A more common but insidious alternative is to remain and become a mindless conveyor of decisions from the top” (p. 47). The middle manager who manages to compete with the pressures from upper management with some degree of success faces alternate
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Two previous competing organizations are in the process of merging. The process ensuring employees are well informed about the merger is not complete. The merging workforce needs to be brought together and communicate as one organization. This serves as the next task for middle management, to unite these employees so they may form together as one workforce in one organization and dedicate themselves to the mission of the organization. To ensure that the combined staff will work together to provide quality care without remaining competitive among each other, it would best serve the interests of the organization to form a working coalition of employees to guide them in this process. Gathering members of each prior company into a coalition for the purpose of unification is in the best interest of the organization as it is a means to alleviate their competitive nature. It is also in the best interest of the employees as it is a means for them to come together and share their experiences. These members should be employees from each company who have exposed themselves as top performers and respected members of their team. An opportunity to clarify similar goals and recognize potential flaws is provided to the coalition representing both prior organizations. This process will bring the
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