Change and Culture Case Study 2

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Change and Culture Case Study 1 Joan Ramos HCS/514 February 4, 2013 Debra Williams Change and Culture Case Study 1 The cost of health care in the United States remains an important concern for American consumers. The challenges for controlling costs and providing a better health care system are various and complex. These challenges, in many cases, are in the realm of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or other federal or state agencies (Department of Justice, 2012). Hospitals continue to team up with other facilities, insurers and for-profit companies, although the cause of the bump in M&A activity varies. While some hospitals cite financial problems, others join forces because of collaboration mandated under the…show more content…
By combining the strengths of each corporation a new form of better practices can be achieved. Another way of achieving better practices within a new organization is the use of the appreciative inquiry (AI) model. Appreciative inquiry (AI) is a positive way to embrace organizational change based on a simple assumption: Every organization has something that works right—things that give life when it most alive, effective, successful, and connected in healthy ways to its stakeholders and communities. AI begins by identifying what is positive and connecting to it in ways that heighten energy and vision for change (Thomas, 2013). Managers, from both organizations, are brought into a self-motivated environment where each of them will be paired together, along with the employees of each department to collaborate their best ideas and experiences to implement them into the new organization; which help to produce new departmental formulations and organizational designs. The newly created designs are analyzed for feasibility, cost analysis, and implementation options (Carbonell, 2009). Change and Culture: Working Together Without Competing Effective managers will create trust through engagement, commitment, and communication. The role of the manger is to interact supportively with the employees without creating additional confusion and fear. Encouraging involvement is the best way to raise morale and

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