Change in America

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Change in Society
Within today’s society, people are constantly open to new technological and intellectual improvements, but when it comes to any disruptive alteration in the life that American citizens know, love, and are accustomed to, no measures can be taken in order to implement new innovations, even if it were for the welfare of the people themselves. The majority of the society today is resistant to great shifts in the American culture that would possibly cause some differentiation to their life that is currently flourishing, including shifts towards the acceptance of same-sex marriage, the widespread dissolution of extremely unhealthy fast food chains, and surprisingly, the elimination of racial, gender, and religious
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Probably the best example of racial profiling occurs within the American society is towards anyone of Middle Eastern descent, seeing as even though it was only a few radical Muslims that actually did anything wrong, suddenly people believe the whole race is to blame for the 9/11 attacks, and anyone who somewhat looks Middle Eastern is a terrorist and should be kept away. As airport security agents focused all their attention on people of Middle Eastern descent following the Sept. 11 attacks, a white college student was able to smuggle knives, box cutters, bleach and other items onto at least six planes from February to September 2003. He then sent numerous e-mails to the Transportation Security Administration notifying them of his actions. It took the TSA more than a month to find the hidden items. Just as history has shown that using race as a proxy for criminality is bad policy, history also shows that focusing on behavior over race is smart policy. But the culture that has been established in the United States is so hesitant, holding grudges and false impressions of so many people, that changing the way citizens perceive others is a personal factor that will never completely be changed for the better. The same hesitant concept is present within gender inequalities. Although it is not as publicized and discussed, women still are treated as inferior to men in most cases. While females have made progress
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